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…our deep appreciation of nature’s vast diversity, its complex forces and enriching qualities, it seemed fitting to encompass our company’s culture, approach and values to fit the five elements. 

Earth - Ground Work and Detailed Structure: The First step in planning any kind of experience is to lay down the proper foundation. Our initial consultation evaluates the plan, prequalifies your needs and defines the process in which to execute it. 

Wind - Communicating Vision and Sharing Ideas: As the second step, we begin to start a dialogue and brainstorm. Like the first downdraft of a storm, the propulsion gets things moving in your direction. 

Fire - Sparking Passion and Fueling Energy: Now we get into the heat and excitement leading up to the event. The broadest part of implementation is where we ignite your vision of the components and make everything tangible; meetings, tastings, go sees, venue tours, bid process, negotiations, reviewing contracts, finalizing commitments, purchasing, formatting timelines, script writing and peace of mind. 

Water - Fluid and Effortless Execution: A professional team in place to oversee the full scale production, staging, set up and strike supervision of vendors, staffing, accepting purchases, managing deliveries and post event follow up. This fourth element is where it all flows; marvel at what we have created together. 

The Fifth Element - YOU: We establish, appreciate and respect you as our client in a way that is unmatched in the industry. 

You are the star of the event. We are GREAT at making you AWESOME! 

We welcome the opportunity to be your event partner and exceed your every expectation.